Watch this video with the special participation of the actor Reynaldo Gianecchini to know the main activities of Ave Cristo.

Casa do Caminho Ave Cristo is a non profit organization that since 1991, offers social assistencial programs of special protection of high complexity, as follows:

I. Host Program, Treatment and Social Rehabilitation for adolescents and youths with drug dependencies on a voluntary admission, in a Therapeutic Community licensed by ANVISA, for a period of nine to twelve months maximum. (See details in section ACOLHIMENTO)

Goal: To enable the abandoning of self-destructive behavior, through a program that addresses the whole human being, to provide him with the accession of a Life Project.

II. Program “Criança Feliz” (Happy Child), providing basic social protection, offers social and psychological assistance, playful and educational activities for 275 children and adolescents, with the active participation of parents. The initiative aims to improve family integration, academic performance and a safer socialization. The main actions are computer course, karate, rhythmic gymnastics, ballet lessons, spirituality classes, guitar, crafts, etc. At the end of each meeting, snacks are offered. (See more details at

Goal: to develop personal skills, broaden the understanding and ability to self-determination, promote awareness of human and spiritual values, helping children and adolescents in the crossing of important steps in the biopsychosocial development.


Urban Unit: The Human Promotion Center (left), where we offer the evaluations, located at Rua Ave Cristo, 600, Bairro Colinas, Birigui-SP,(map), the building contains attendance rooms, auditorium for 400 people and a module for food production.
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Rural Unit: located at the rural zone of Birigui-SP, with an area of 50,000 M2. The buildings are simple and confortable, built in modules that are away from the hospital style, with wide balconies in a green hill, surrounded with dense vegetation and palm trees, other types of trees, gardens and a fountain. The bedrooms are for four people, with a small auditorium, psychotherapy rooms, video and tv room, cantina, kitchen, workshop, soccer field and extensive orchard. (click on the image to see photo gallery)


Solidarity Food! To help funding 50% of the therapeutic program and the other caring and social projects, the institution produces the panettone (Christmas loaf), chocolate panettone and cakes. Also processes cashews and peanuts of high quality for sale by the regional community, from which we receive part of our program funding. The other 50% is funded by public accords. You too can help us to publicize or sell the solidary foods.

If you wish, you can contribute to this cause that consist of monetary contributions, donating food, cleaning and hygiene items to the Casa do Caminho Ave Cristo.